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Section 7 updated a bit .... admitting to an issue with a username change request that occurs after multiple postings are made.

Also updated trevorb's description in the Staff listing.

added some bits after the Deputies' description.

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Added the following to section 4c: Private Messages

Q. Can I send a PM to more than one person at a time?

A. Yes, the maximum is 6 users; one Recipient and five Carbon Copies. It should be noted that all carbon copies are currently sent blind due to software limitations. The "Hide CC recipients from others" check box does not work. Additionally Carbon Copy Recipients recieve the message totally blind, meaning they do not know who the message was address to or who else might have received the message as a carbon copy. Therefore it is very helpful if you are going to use Carbon Copies to Add a "TO:" line as the first line of the message and to add the list of Carbon Copy reciepents (unless you want to hide the CC recipients)

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