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Haker attempts


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When are these idiots gonna stop?

I have been getting 2-3 attempts daily to hijack my computer by Korean sites. Incidentaly their spam seems to go down at the time of these attacks:

Rule Default Block NetBus Trojan horse matched

Remote address (,3657)

routeid:8500262 - to: net_admin[at]pbsnet.co.kr

Rule "Default Block NetBus Trojan horse" blocked (,NetBus(12345))

Trojan attempt detected from address by rule "Default Block NetBus Trojan horse".

Blocked further access for 30 minutes.

They are quite insistent, when are these idiots going to give up?

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Lets ensure our physical security from their nukes, then we can talk to them about ensuring our data security from their hackers.

These connections come from South Korea (co.kr). North Korea is the one waving their nukes at the world and they have 0 Internet presence.

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