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New onslaught


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There is now an onslaught going on consisting mainly of extortion spams.



Run the Dutch through Google Translate if you need more convincing.

Also, another attempt is under way to undermine SpamCop reporting. My reports are being neutralised as in tracking ID:


Can someone help?

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4 hours ago, Spamnophobic said:

Looks like you are trying to report spam from a intranet/network server.
This cannot be done via SpamCop

this one 
Shows IP has no abuse address and is listed on all the main blocklists

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On 12/1/2021 at 8:44 AM, Spamnophobic said:

Run the Dutch through Google Translate if you need more convincing.

yeah, looks like a direct translation from the stuff I have seen in the past.

21 hours ago, Spamnophobic said:

Are they winning?

I don't think they are winning, but then I was able to block those ISPs because I run my own email server and should never get email from them.  As petzl suggests, you will need to contact your ISP directly if it is coming from them.  You might need to ask your ISP for possible solutions.

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