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"Too Many Links" behavior change


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I regularly get spam that has a ton of links in it.  Almost always, they're mostly/all links to the same high-level URL.  If there are too many links in the message, let me report the ones up to the limit.  If the limit is 20, then let me report the first 20.  Most of the time, that will hit the offending sites.  Otherwise, I just hit cancel and nothing gets reported.

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2 hours ago, Skydiver_TD said:

If the limit is 20, then let me report the first 20.

In the past, SpamCop has been more about reporting the email than it has the links inside.  I think this and the number of outgoing reports is why they put the limit down to eight or ten.  If all the high-level URLs are the same, it would be nice if they could count it as a single report and allow all of them to be reported.

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On 12/16/2021 at 11:17 AM, RobiBue said:

/me thinks/ it had to do with the amount of processing on the system. if too many links were to be processed, and too many reports would be submitted, the system wait time would have been too high... at least that's how I remember it to be explained back decades ago...

System overload is understandable. but what is not logical is it reports nothing, instead of reporting the first few link.

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The main focus of the app is to decipher the actual sender and report the IP on the blocklist which was covered here recently on a topic about truncating the body see lking comment. I reported an email today with many pages of PDF file code at the end and with nothing of interest so I truncated it. Resolving third party links is difficult when the spammer uses free tools designed to deliberately hide the websites by using redirections and address shortening like bitly or temp links etc. Most of these apps are unaware of their involvement in spam so report it because the spammers send out multiple emails and quickly deleting the links and accounts stops them getting paid.

Fighting spam is better as a group effort but some responsibility has to been taken by individuals to take care not to get spammed in the first place and use all resources available to stop or at least reduce the problem...

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