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Using the SC BL in SPAMAssassin as a user, not server admin


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the shared hosting control panel SPAMAssassin configuration file of a user (not server admin) contains:

required_score 5.0
rewrite_header subject [SA]

report_safe     0

to see how well SA will work then i may consider let it automatically delete the mail.

If I want to automatically delete mail where sender match SC BL, which lines to add and how to verify it works. Or if you would suggest some different setup ideally where blocklist (BL) is included?

I have found some pages:

https://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/331.html (this mentions some rules, yet does not mention its description, other requirements or how to verify that it works) 






hard to figure out what is needed while i am not a server admin, just user. But maybe i can add certain rules and discover whether it works or no: maybe one way to do it is to receive e-mail marked as spam by SA and checking source maybe? Question is what rules, that is what i want to ask you.

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On 2/24/2022 at 6:52 AM, postcd said:

to see how well SA will work then i may consider let it automatically delete the mail.

I prefer to use the spamassassin defaults when ever possible because years ago, I had signed up for an online game emails and their server showed up on the SCBL.  Some people report things through SpamCop that they forgot they signed up for.  That said, it would be probably better to change the score of the SpamCop rule in spamassassin.

score RCVD_IN_BL_SPAMCOP_NET 0 1.246 0 1.347 # n=0 n=2

The score temporarily rejects at 5.0.  It permanently rejects at 12.0.  The reason why spamcop is low around 1.246, is because it will add with other rules for a total count to trigger the rejects.  I would suggest keeping this below 5 because you could have email you want be caught by this rule.

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