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Gmail spam from Russia?


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Is it just me or is anyone else getting spam from bogus Gmail addresses written in Cyrillic with Google Docs links?


Here's the tracking link to one of several that I've received and reported via SC and Google's Abuse form:



Доброго времени суток, офисный планктон и неадекватные начальники
стоят вам поперек горла? Тогда просто начните работать на себя в
интернете, как я вам покажу. С уважением, Эмили. Подробности тут:

All the links alternate between 3 presentations which I report to Google. This particular email referenced above came from adabter AT gmail DOT com. I've been receiving emails like this over the past few days.



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I do get them occasionally. I never click on links in messages I don't know and trust the sender of, since they could be links to a virus, and oftentimes I confirm with my trusted sender the reason for sending me the link, that it was intentional and if I really need to open it.

Just trying to keep my system secure on my side.

Since I use gmail as my primary email, I report those messages as spam in google itself (without even opening the message) and then, once marked as spam and in the spam folder, I report them additionally as phishing messages.

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