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Is it no longer beneficial to report spam?


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I've been faithfully reporting spam for years,

but now it seems like any and all spam coming through is either Chinese, or drops into a Devnull spamcop address

. . . goes nowhere. A percentage used to go to CloudFlare, but even they have stopped coming.

Is it no longer beneficial to report if it just goes to a devnull address @ Spamcop.


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Cloudfare are webhosts you need to lookup a registrar!
Windows whois for Registrars here
All Chinese email spams are only acted on by sending here (not websites)
Send as attachment put/paste sending IP in "Subject" and body to 

post all from YOUR email account

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Once you send a message to a devnull address, it feeds the blocking list. If they ignore the spam, then their IP gets put a block list and they cannot send spam.

There was an issue some time back where a lot of people stopped using the block list, but I am not sure if they went back to using it again.
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