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Is Spamcop Email Functioning properly ??? HELP

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Suddenly, since the weekend, I don't seem to be getting any spamcop email.   Showker@Spamcop.net . . .

I use that address to log into Medium, and they send the code in order to sign in, and all morning, they're saying they sent the email log-in, but I'm not getting it in my account.

Same for Alerts from Facebook.  I haven't gotten a "notification" from Facebook since March 7th.

I sent test emails from an AOL account and my Graphic-Design.com account and neither have arrived into the Spamcop mailbox.

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I stopped getting reports this week.  I found this in my emails logs


Event: rejected rejected
User: -remote-
From Address: spamid.6805181710@bounces.spamcop.net
Sent Time: Mar 30, 2023, 10:31:22 PM
Sender Host: esa2.spamcop.iphmx.com
Sender IP:
Authentication: unauthorized
spam Score: 0
Delivery User:  
Delivery Domain:  
Delivered To:  
Router: reject
Transport: **rejected**
Out Time: Mar 30, 2023, 10:31:22 PM
ID: 1pi4Xd-0005BL-VH
Delivery Host: esa2.spamcop.iphmx.com
Delivery IP:
Size: 0 bytes
Result: JunkMail rejected - esa2.spamcop.iphmx.com []:19923 is in an RBL: http://www.barracudanetworks.com/reputation/?pr=1&ip=
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