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[Resolved] Something is broken and SpamCop is down


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Subject: Re: Issues Not Yet Publicly Resolved

>Please update the threads you started with your postings below.

I removed the threads from the web forums and cancelled the Newsgroup posts.

I'm sure the users knew the problems had gone away before we did.

- Don -

Additional update, copied from log on screen to WebMail

Sep 14, 2005

[21:05 EDT] The problem logging into the reporting site was fixed a couple of hours ago.

[16:03 EDT] The reporting system is currently having a problem with logins. This does not affect the email system, but you may not be able to login to the reporting system. They are working on the problem.

Update: The system appears to be back up and working fine, but there has not been any official announcement as of yet.
Something is broken and SpamCop is down.  The engineers are on it and I'm hopeful we'll have it back up soon.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -


WebMail is still running fine, but any link to reporting will not work.

Edit: 2005/09/26 12:00 EDT -0400 Jeff G. placed the posting date in the Title and fixed some whitespace issues.

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