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[Resolved]"Quick" Reporting Problems, SpamCop not


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update 9-27-05

Subject: Re: Issues Not Yet Publicly Resolved

>Please update the threads you started with your postings below.

I removed the threads from the web forums and cancelled the Newsgroup posts.

I'm sure the users knew the problems had gone away before we did.

- Don -

We're having problems with one of our database servers and SpamCop appears to be holding some of the "quick" submissions rather than processing them.  Users will see that the spam has been posted to their accounts but is marked as "no reports filed".

That will change when the problem is corrected and the backlogged spam is processed.

In the mean time, just keep submitting your spam and pretend nothing is wrong. :-)

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -


Edit: 2005/09/26 11:46 EDT -0400 Jeff G. modified to put the Date in the Title, to correct spelling in the Title, and to reduce some whitespace
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For an unofficial guess, opinion, random thoughts on things, a couple of regerence postings elsewhere within this Forum. Once again, I'm a simple volunteer sitting in Iowa, the Parsing & Reporting machines are (primarily) way to the west in California. At this point, http://www.spamcop.net/spamgraph.shtml?spamstats says the system is up and running, and that's as close as any of "us" is going to get to any "inside" data. As there has been no newsgroup or Forum posting from any "official" folks, I'm making these comments based on my personal experience on other networks, data currently observed, and historical data ... read that as "personal opinion" ....

First of all, Ellen's statement;

Please note that *official system status information* can be found on the

SpamCop reporting site and/or is posted to the newsgroups by SpamCop

employees only. Any other posts may or may not reflect the current status of

the system and may or may not be out of date or incorrect.




Snippets and links of my thoughts, observations, guesses, and opinions .. again pointing out that the system does appear to be up and running at the time of this post .....


There is no known IronPort staffer working, posting, monitoring 'here' ....... so the reality of it may be that only the IronPort staff presently on-site have a clue as to what they are doing right now ...


I had conjectured that the reason for the lack of a newsgroup / forum post that stated the "system is back n full swing" was probably due to some serious issues in putting the system back together. Don's (much) later post suggests that I was right. Though being far removed from the IronPort offices / systems, looking at http://www.spamcop.net/spamgraph.shtml?spamweek says to me that things are not working all that smoothly. Based on my own past expreiences, it's pretty easy for me to make some guesses as to what occured, probably what's going on now, but .... not really my place / job /etc.

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