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SpamCop Report response to one address


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Brought over from the spamcop newsgroup (clicking on link may open up your newsreader application)

From: SpamCop Admin

Newsgroups: spamcop

Subject: Re: Not receiving email at SpamCop?

Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 09:40:48 -0600

Pete Stephenson wrote:

>-Is there any way to still have SpamCop forward me mail in response to

>-spam reports that I file, but send me any other messages?


>-In other words, send mail addressed to [reportID][at]reports.spamcop.net

>-back to my private address, but things sent directly to

>-xxxxxxx[at]spamcop.net should be bit-bucketed.

Your SpamCop Email Filtering account is separated into two distinct

parts; the email service, and the reporting service.

You can log into your reporting account at http://mailsc.spamcop.net/

and change the contact address to anything you want so that our

*system* mail will go to that address instead of your [at]spamcop.net

email address. Mail from SpamCop, such as replies to your reports,

and our "SpamCop Quick reporting data" responses, will go to the

address you set. Mail from the staff, such as warnings about

reporting errors, will NOT usually go to that address unless we happen

to notice the setting and use that address instead of your

[at]spamcop.net address.

Your Email account can also be set to forward your mail to anywhere

you want, such as our bit bucket at nobody[at]devnull.spamcop.net so that

any mail that gets past the filters on your [at]spamcop.net address will

go to the trash.

Before abandoning the email service part of your account and using it

as just a reporting account, you might want to consider the

ramifications. For example, if you continue to use the SpamCop

filters, large amounts of mail will be diverted to your Held Mail

folder for reporting, which will accumulate if you don't report/delete

it, and will eventually overwhelm the system.

If you're not going to report the spam, you shouldn't use the filters.

It would be best to log into the account and disable all the blocking

lists and SpamAssassin filtering so that nothing will be diverted to

your Held Mail folder for reporting. That way, all mail to your

[at]spamcop.net address will be sent to the trash.

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

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How does one justify Don's reply with the FAQ that heldmail is automaticly deleated after 14 days.

It is also very contrary to the way I am using my email account where I use the HeldMail folder to filter out unwanted mail and let it auto delete after the 14 days has expired, which I find is working as stated.

I do not report the spam caught in the heldmail folder do to the time it requires to filter out the mail that should not be reported as much of it does not meet the "spam" requirements but as far as I am concerned I do not want stuffing my inbox. I do scan the heldmail list on occasion looking for false positives (which are extremely rare) which I then white list.

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First thought is thinking back to a posting from earlier today in the E-Mail Account forum from someone getting 1 - 2 thousand e-mails a day being placed into the Held Folder .... ???? I've no idea where the "too many" things starts impacting the connection / pocessing actions, and having no personal experience, I went with the "trust" thing and posted the info here ... I recall that at the time of postiing of the Things to check (?) entry, folks were talking of thousands and thousands of accumulated e-mails, and it's also my recollection that the auto-delete thing wasn't working ....??? Noting also that this bit of data always seemed to conflict a bit with common sense when seeing the "how much storage is available?" queries, but of course, noting that I have issues with those sending 10Meg files via e-mail anyway <g>

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