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Password problems


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I have not been able to file spam reports for a couple of days because my password is not recognized. When I go to SpamCop website I am logged in but when I try to change my passwrod I get amessage that my old password is invalid, therefore I cannot change it.

Which also blocks me from getting a new password issued.

An ole Catch-22.

Somebody please help fix the error of my ways! :(


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The www.spamcop.net FAQ .... the Forum version of the SpamCop FAQ ... the currently" being populated" KnowledgeBase/FAQ ... all linked to at the top of this page .... Look for the title "Password Problems" ... a conversation at http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=5108 .. recent spamcop newsgroup traffic ... with all this recent attention to that FAQ entry, it is a bit amazing to see this query surfaced ...

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I have not been able to report spam for a week. I've read the forums and see messages that it seems to be working OK now. But that is not my experience.

SpamCop asks for my account name and password when I try to report spam. Whatever I enter does not work. When I go to Preferences and try to change my password, I am not allowed to do that because the original password is invalid.

Yet I can still log-in to the SpamCop website and post to the forums.

I think I could resolve my end if I could just enter a new password but I seem to be caught in some Catch-22 situation. I'm not allowed to report spam because I don't enter the correct password yet I cannot access my password or get a new one sent because the original password is incorrect and I cannot make a new password because I cannot enter to original password to change it, etc.

Will someone please help me? I have tried and tried to my part by reading and re-reading web site FAQs and Forums and stil do not have a clear answer to my problem.

I have also sent a message to Jeff but have received an answer.

Rick in Maine

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The login to the forum (user name and password) has no connection with your reporting account. They are totally separate databases.

If you are using a free reporting account, the simpliest thing to do is simply sign up for a new account.

Next question would be do you have a paid reporting account or a paid email account? as password issues are handled differently for both.

My primary account is an email account, but I did just try and did suceed in logging into my old paid reporting account without any problems (other than trying to remember my username and password - good thing I have them written down.)

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Know not what you've read thus far .. geeze ...





Doing my best not to "hide" this data ....

SpamCop website and post to the forums.

A lot of ground covered there ... some hardware in California, some in Georgia, some distrubuted around the world ... yet, as noted a number of times, the different "sections" of the SpamCop system are "separate" .. including different owners / admin staff ....

Also noted by its absence ... have you deleted any cookies involved yet, in case there's an issue there?

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