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Is MailWasher good to use for reporting spam?


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I use Outlook express for my email program, and there are many steps to getting the full header and message source info.

I also use MailWasher. It has an item to check "display full header and message source". Does this display all of the info that SpamCop needs?

Can I just copy & paste everything in that window into SpamCop?

I'm a total noob to spam, any help would be appreciated.

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If you have Mailwasher Pro (the pay version), it will also allow you to forward spams to the address SpamCop gave you when you registered by checking a box next to each spam. You still do have to go back and confirm them on the SpamCop website one at a time, though.

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I got the following email from Mailwasher I payed for the software:

Hi Jim

Maybe in the future there may be an option to report to ISP's. The SpamCop forums are the only way to get support from them, so you will have to try this avenue again sorry.



Firetrust Support

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