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MailWasher Server module


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I tried Mailwasher last week, my path to finally starting to report the thousands of spam that try to get through our server (mostly Asian).

I had good luck with the trial but the Server product looks to be a suspect for our system.

Any comments pro or con? Or other products?

Setup: Webserver, mailserver for website on Server 2000 with Merak Mail, 4 XP clients, no domain controller.

Moving to; Server 2003 and SBS Server, soon.

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Whatever you do with MailWasher, per I've been blacklisted,

Disable bounce "feature" of mailwasher, which is being stupidly and wrongly set by default Bounces are in effect what MailWasher is doing but only to valid and innocent parties email addresses (mailwasher may check email address for validity, before sending a bounce)


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Still the very best & economical solution is to use SpamCop Email to retrieve and accurately sort only email to your inbox. With all spam going to a VER folder for easy SpamCop reporting

(Your best defence is to report ALL spamers)


Thanks guys, I actually have looked into using Spamcop Email, just not done anything about it.

Per Jeff's comment about MailWasher and the "bounce" feature, makes perfect sense.


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