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[Resolved] Using 'Tag Only' feature in Thunderbird

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I'm trying to use the 'Tag Only' feature in SC to get all my Held Mail through POP3 and just have it go into my email client (Thunderbird) and then have it move to the Junk Mail folder, where I can sort it there.

Apparently, when you enable the 'Tag Only' feature, it adds a header line to your mail with "X-SpamCop-Disposition" and it follows with the word 'Blocked' and then the name of the DNSBl that blocked it. I've tried to set up a custom filter in Thunderbird to see this header tag and automatically move this mail into the Junk Mail folder, but it doesn't seem to be working.

Does anyone know if it's possible to do this in Thunderbird, or do I need to set up a rule in Spamcop that adds a special subject line to tagged messages (if that's possible) or something along those lines?

I've included a screen shot below showing a background view on the source of a spam email, along with the rule I've created for it. I checked the KB for Thunderbird, but couldn't' find specific info on customizing rules, so if no one knows I can ask on their forum. But, hopefully someone here uses SC and Thunderbird with the tag only feature and can help me.


Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried changing the first letter in "blocked" to a capital "B" to spell "Blocked" as shown in the background?


Wow I feel stupid. That thought crossed my mind, but I just assumed it wasn't case sensitive since I'm in Windows. That fixed the problem.

Thanks for pointing that out. :lol:

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