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SpamCop's Google Help System ads

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When one use the "Google Search" capabilities to seach Spamcop Help, one would think that it is a 'linked' or bannered search. I don't know if you are aware or not, but Google has 'Sponsored' links on the right hand side.

Most of the time... No problem!!

However, today the links are to other 'spam' solutions, including one to 'spamcop.com' !!

Those who are subscribers are probably saying "so, everyone knows the difference!'...

Ah, this same search/Help is available to people checking out Spamcop or just looking around.

Don't know if it's a Google bug or as designed?

But if you have a formal (ie: contractual) relationship with Google, you may want to look at that!

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not a bug, per se ... that Google function tries to match up the Sponsored Link advertising to the content of the search terms .. thus the easy spam and spamcop tie-in ... there is a history behind the spamcop.com (and spamcop.org) URL's.

There ways to indicate certain preferences with the Google advertising things, but only if this advertising is being placed on "your" site ... and as you're using Google's site for the search you're talking about, no, there's not much that can be done. You might try to convine the Google marketing folks that spamcop.com is scum of the earth, but .....

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