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Help! I can't paste my spam in the reporting box!

Jeff G.

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However, it seems that it's the bad plan/action of "reporting a SpamCop Report" (which would go to the 'new' (?) reporting address?) .... (and just how did the user get a copy of a SpamCop Report / User Notification Report

Abuse desks (using a different account) report spam, and our reports get reported by mistake sometimes. Same for users sending reports to themselves. And sometimes "User Notification" reports go to another SpamCop user who reports the report.

SpamCop recognizes its own mail. Reports about reports come to me for disciplinary action for filing a false report.

It's all part of the overall fun, because I get to play, too, when folks report mail from SpamCop

- Don D'Minion - SpamCop Admin -

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