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only 2 out of 3 whitelist/forwards getting through


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I selected 3 messages and chose to "Whitelist and Forward" them... all 3 returned a message ID when it was complete.

Only 2 of the messages made it through to my email account.

This happened to me a few days ago too and the last message didn't come through for over 48 hours...

Does anyone have any ideas?



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Connect via IMAP, check all your folders to see if it still exists anywhere.

Worst case, one heck of an e-mail to JT containing sufficient data to identify the account, your ownership, ISP/servers involved, actual time of the actions you took, (perhaps some of this is in the headers of one of the successfully forwarded e-mails?) ... level of detail needed as so much time has gone by, one is left with having to go back through a ton of log files to possibly find "the" entry that might contain the data on this single e-mail that didn't fly.

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