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Seems like more spam now


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if this isnt the case then please answer this question " why is it when we report spam we get an increase ?

That's what (at least part of) this massive Discussion was about. How much of it did you read?

Are you 'securely' handling your e-mail? Are you watching (and verifying) just who you are sending your reports to? Have you checked out Mole-Reporting? Is it simply (as I pointed out in the beginning of this thing) that you decided to join the SpamCop.net 'user team' just a your "tide started to rise" ... thus your spam was going to increase anyway??? Just a few of the possibilities ....

surely if we report it correctly then the spammers will be stopped and our e.mails free from spam ?

The SpamCop.net Parsing & Reporting tool is just that ..a Parsing and Reporting tool. You submit a spam, verify the parse, send the Report. Generally faster and more accurately than you could do it yourself manually. That's pretty much all there is to it.

Recall, the other side of the story/equation is that the receiving ISP has to give a damn about the situation. Most do, far too many don't. Why would you consider this a "failing" of the SpamCop.net tool-set?

For the source of the spam, there is the additional step of adding the details to the database for use in the SpamCopDNSBL. This database was developed/is used for the Tagging and handling of e-mail for the users of a SpamCop.net e-mail account. Access to this database was opened up for others. If you are not using it, you're missing the "fruits of your labours"....

For spamvertised web-sites .. once again, the actual "action taken" depends on the receiving ISP. Read through the Blocking List Help Forum .. you'll see crying in there from folks that have had their sites shut down .. yet you'll also see that other sites that generate thousands of complaints still exist. Once again, the "problem" is not the SpamCop.net Parsing & Reporting system ... reports go out (leaving the not-resolving issues to that/those other existing threads and FAQ entries ...) ... Once again, if the receiving ISP doesn't want to spend the time and effort in doing the investigation and handling the situation ...??? There is the small benefit of feeding the SURBL, but once again, one needs to use tools that would allow one to use that BL .....

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why is it when we report spam we get an increase ? surely if we report it correctly then the spammers will be stopped and our e.mails free from spam ?

There can be many reasons for an increase in spam. For one, which I think is usually the biggest issue is reporters are now opening messages that they were normally simply deleting. Many spam messages have web content which can be easily tracked to determine the address the message was sent to, confirming the message was read. Those addresses are then sold to other spammers as "confirmed".

If when you are reporting spam, it is up to the ISP that originated the message to shut the spammer down. That does not always happen, and with some ISP's, never happens. Reporting alone will not eliminate spam. Spamcop reports also feed the spamcop blocklist which can reduce the spam you receive.

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thanks for the replies, i agree that the isp's should and could do more, 2 of my e.mail addy's were from 2 diferent sites i have, the spammers were using sales at,enquiries at, etc etc. my first hour of every morning was to wade through all the spam , i dont open them i use mailwasher to get the headers and then copy/paste to spam cop, i have closed down the 2 sites e.mail accounts which has stopped a lot of junk but i still get over 100 every day in my normal e.mail.i appreciate the fact that once your on a spam list then that list will be resold to other pondlife. i am moving to a new isp so once my new e.mail is in place then i will hide. thanks

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