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Mailing List Help Please

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Some person setup an email list and my name is on it.

He sent like 5 'test' messages to this list.

Many people are replying and it goes back to the entire list, including me.

I'm getting a lot of 'test' related messages with complaints and removal requests.

I can blacklist on the from or return-path, but how can I blacklist on the to: field?

pls help

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how can I blacklist on the to: field?


I'm not sure you can blacklist on the To: field.

You would probably need to filter on something common to every message. So, there could be a mail server IP address for the mailing list server. Or perhaps each message gets a unique mailing list ID added to the subject line. This is quite common.

However, what you really need is to discover how to unsubscribe. Perhaps, within the headers, you might find unsubscription information. Several mail list programs append the unsubscribe information in the headers.


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