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This is basically a duplicate of http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=6152 .... so edited this Topic Starter. It was noted that SpamCop.net was not involved at all with the stated actions of the ISP involved. The request here based on "untracable spam" would seem to more point the suggested action to the Reporting function area. Yet the "spamvertised URL" thing has been such a controversial bit for a while.

To set up a place where complaints like the original here were to be located doesn't really seem to accomplish much, in my mind. The original (and the repeated posting) had no real information provided. Even based on the storyline, it was the ISP that made the call, based on "continued spamming" .... with SpamCop.net not involved, there isn't even the chance to possible educate the ISP on how to handle reports, say something along the lines of the Innocent Bystander setting. This takes things out of the SpamCop.net support function of this Forum .....

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If you are really a spam COP you would care about innocent bystanders


And we do, but it is up to the ISP to contact their customer determine the appropriate response. We are simply reporting to the ISP that spam we received had a link they are responsible for. Many times it is not obvious whether it is innocent or not. Companies can easily hire other companies to send their "advertisements" so they are not implicated directly.

And an ISP has every right to follow their rules and terminate the contract of a company that has made enemies enough to be involved in this type of situation. It costs the ISP money to investigate these accusations and can be easier to terminate than to incur that cost. They are also in business to make money.

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