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Submitting spam from Outlook Web Access

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I recently upgraded to Netscape 8.1 (from 7.1) and no longer have Netscape as my mail client (not available in 8.1), so I'm getting used to accessing my e-mail using Web pages provided by my three e-mail ISPs. I have figured out that with one of them, I can forward spam to you, no problem. The second, I have yet to get spam, so at the moment that is not a worry. However, the third uses Outlook Web Access. Forwarding doesn't work with this -- no header, apparently. I checked your Outlook hints, but they don't seem to cover Outlook Web Access -- only Outlook and Outlook Express and what's written there doesn't seem to apply. Double-clicking an e-mail, for instance, doesn't do anything in Outlook Web Access. What should be done with Outlook Web Access?

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What should be done with Outlook Web Access?


I'm not sure it is possible, but if someone has the answer, I could also test it as we are in the process of going to Exchange and are also using OWA for remote access. OWA is actually a part of Exchenge, BTW.

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This was posted in to the How to use ... the Forum section .... and as it is not a tutorial, it doesn't fit the designation of the How to use .. SpamCop Reporting section either ....

Moving to the Reporting Help Forum section .... I recall a write-up on using OWA ... however, as it is alleged that it isn't in "the FAQ" (noting that exactly which one wasn't identified ..) perhaps it'll take me some time to locate it ...???? Nope, no time at all ... it is found via the SpamCop FAQ ....

OK, I see that I didn't add it to the SCKB yet .... So I go back to the SpamCop FAQ links at the top of this page, scroll down for the Reporting section, see the title "How do I get my email program to reveal the full, unmodified email?" .. which links back to the www.spamcop.net (original) version of the FAQ .... scroll all the way down to "Web-based email software:" .. and follow the link to "Outlook Web Access" .... and as usual, the answers tend to go along with just what version of Exchange is in use (also not mentioned in the query) .....

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