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I have tested for open relay on our server this has returned secure results. I have checked all of our machines for viruses and we have none. The only way that mail could be generated from our server is that the spammer is using the Non-Delivery report functionality of our mail server sending to a fictitious address at our company and the real destination in the (from) field which is then sent an NDR from our server. I have now disabled NDRs. Is there a possibility that these emails are being generated by somewhere entirely different? I suppose your reverse DNS would show were it is actually coming from. Is there any way that I could contact somebody at your company? We are really having problems being listed as many of our recipients use your service. If anyone could provide useful information as to enable me to get off this list it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Hi, William,

...You seem to have missed the prominently marked entries at the top of the page:

  • Announcement: [How-to] Post a Question (and prevent stupid/rude answers)
  • Pinned: Why Am I Blocked? FAQ / Please read before posting
  • Announcement: How To Get Official SpamCop.Net Customer Support

Please go through those items and, if you still have questions, return here and press the "Add Reply" button to ask.

...You also seem to have missed the note that appears immediately below the link to this forum ("FAQ Under Construction"):

Please do NOT post any general questions in this Forum. This Forum is to be used only by those who want to help build, add to, or correct the Forum version of the FAQ.
Since your post has nothing to do with the SpamCop FAQ, I am moving it to the "SpamCop Blocklist Help" forum which is where I believe it best resides.

...Best of luck in getting your problem resolved!

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To start with, we're going to need some basic information. A copy of one of the rejections you are getting back (preferrably one that includes the IP being rejected) would be a great place to start. If you can post that, we can start taking a look at what types of messages are causing you to get listed.

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