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Zombie king suspect arrested in South Korea


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Zombie king suspect alleged to have sent 18 million spams per day

According to the state-backed Korea Information Security Agency (KISA), the man is believed to have sent 18 million spam emails to 133 countries every day from his network (or botnet) of compromised computers.

Working with the police, KISA identified a man who has been running the botnet of 16,000 computers for the last six months using it to send out large amounts of loan-related spam.


As spammers become more aggressive, collaborating with virus writers to create armies of zombie computers, legitimate organizations with hijacked computers are being identified as a source of spam. This not only harms the organization's reputation, but can also cause the company's email to be blocked by others.

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...Ah, maybe that explains why my spam load from Korea has markedly decreased lately! :) <g>

Too bad China's government doesn't give a rat's ass about such things... 90% of my spam from the CNC network.

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