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Easy way to track spams and spammers on cpanel servers


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To enable extended loggin in exim to trace nobody mails on cPanel servers. Try the following trick .

1. Edit /etc/exim.conf

2. On the second line add :

log_selector = +address_rewrite +all_parents +arguments +connection_reject +delay_delivery +delivery_size +dnslist_defer +incoming_interface +incoming_port +lost_incoming_connection +queue_run +received_sender +received_recipients +retry_defer +sender_on_delivery +size_reject +skip_delivery +smtp_confirmation +smtp_connection +smtp_protocol_error +smtp_syntax_error +subject +tls_cipher +tls_peerdn \

Make sure all that comes on a single line.

3. Save and exit.

4. Restart Exim.

This tweak will allow you to track spammers from /var/log/exim_mainlog as well as the headers sent alongwith the spams. scri_pt path is sent in the headers which allows any newbie to easily track spammer and suspend his account.

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This has nothing to do with the MailHost Configuration of a Reporting Account. It doesn't seem to really have anything to do with SpamCop.net Reporting. So the next thing is to move this to the Lounge area .... it might be a FAQ entry, but ...?????

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This sounds like an interesting FAQ entry, but currently does not fit into any existing catagories.

cPanel is a UNIX based program designed for use by commercial web hosting services companies and is a graphical web-based management tool, designed to make administration of web sites as easy as possible.

see wikipedia for additional information on cPanel

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I apologise for not being able to understand actual meaning of spamhost mail configuration. I wish to share my knowledge to help system admins and network admins to track spams originating from their servers and networks.

If there's no section in the forum where system admins and network admins can help each other to end spamming then I would suggest to have a separate section.

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