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Big Webmail Upgrade

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I know it's probably better for the Spamcop admins to actually work on the upgrade rather than taking time out to write about it, but I'm so excited I just gotta know some things about it.

(also, I posted questions about it in other thread, but since they were a bit off topic, I think they got burried)

Reply from JT on this topic:


The good news is that we're also in the middle of testing a big webmail

upgrade. ... The webmail upgrade can hopefully be rolled out in the

next few days. ...


I am interested in being a beta tester. (if there's any beta test at all)

I couldn't find any details on the webmail upgrade.

  • Will it still be horde imp? (or something else?)
  • Are there new features?
  • Will I finally have my wife stop bugging me because of the lack of html or pictures in the body of the message? (and if so, will it be able to be switched on or off for people in the addressbook?)

Hopefully this thread will serve as a place for people to ask for info and get info about the upgrade.

(and hopefully I didn't miss any other thread that already serves this purpose)

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The only thing missed would be that JT just got around to replying to a few of my e-mails, and in turn, I asked him to please offer me some data on the same data. I was specifically asking for the application involved, so I could sneak a look at the support site for it to possibly get a head-start on the possible issues .... my e-mail was sent about an hour before your post, but ....

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Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2006 22:46:59 -0400

From: SpamCop Support

To: Wazoo

Subject: Re: While you have some time (?)

References: <003c01c6b521$7e446e80$6401a8c0[at]msi6378>

In-Reply-To: <003c01c6b521$7e446e80$6401a8c0[at]msi6378>

No, it's just an updated version of Horde/IMP. So, their FAQ is still

probably appropriate.


Wazoo wrote:


> Is there a support site for whatever application you've got

> running? I had the Horde/IMP FAQ listed in the Forum

> version of the SpamCop FAQ (though actual answers for

> a lot of things didn't actually exist there) .. but it was

> something to point to, a place to send folks with their

> "suggestions" that seemed appropriate ....

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