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SpamCop Listing - is it just another headache?


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I have been shot down in flames previously for the topic "SpamCop Listing - is it just another headache?" and hopefully I can get some positive feedback (from SpamCop employees) this time.

As stated previously, if you need an answer from an employee, you are going to need to contact an employee. The FAQ (labeled SpamCop FAQ) at the top of every page will lead you to their contact information.

I "unfortunately" still need some clarification on what the long-term benefits for ISP's and their users are when using the SCBL for filtering email.

Your scenario would work on the outgoing side to get around blocks, but it is hoped that most responsible ISP's would rather fix the problem once than need to apply a band-aid every couple of days. I will assume the IP's are used for outgoing only because changing IP addresses for incoming servers can delay or lose

The long-term benefits for ISP's and their users if using SCBL in a filtering mode (assuming filtering to an alternate folder the user has access to) is that no email is ever lost and the users inbox is kept relatively spam free. There is little actual benefit to the ISP.

The long-term benefits for ISP's if using SCBL in a blocking mode(not suggested use) are that they can keep their costs down by not accepting the ~80% (our domains number) of messages that are spam. This saves connection and storage costs.

The long-term benefits for their users if using SCBL in a blocking mode (not suggested use) are that their inboxes stay relatively spam free and they have lower costs and the sender knows that they did not receive the message.

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There was an experimental mod tested a few years back to address just such activity. The shifting/rotating IP addresses were added to an IP range, along the lines of a SPEWS listing ... it was halted due to the massive impact on users other than the spammers. So the SpamCopDNSBL dropped back to single IP addresses, period.

Your getting shot down is a result of prattle just as this. There are FAQs available ... make use of them.

This "new" Topic is seen as just a continuation of the previous one .. so Topics now merged into the original Topic/Discussion.

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WAKE UP!!!!! smell the roses.

Enlighten yourself, take a look at some of the following articles.

OptInRealBig.com has filed suit against SpamCop


Maybe you should wake up and smell the roses. Be enlightened, read that link you sent. Of course the king of spam is going to sue someone like SpamCop!! Why? BECAUSE IT WORKS! That man sends MILLIONS PER DAY, or rather he did. Last I heard, he lost that law suit against MS. He lost because what he does is illegal, spam! He lost because the people don't want their mailboxes filled up with email from people they don't know.

I don't care if it's quicker to delete a spam. That's what they said in the 90's when you got 3 or 4 per week. Back then I tried to organize a site where people could sign up for various advertisments, but the spammers wanted nothing to do with it. Now I receive 200 plus spams PER DAY! I don't want to delete them anymore, I want to STOP THEM! Several countries made it illegal to spam to try and halt this nasty, invasive business. So they simply moved to China and South America so they could keep wasting bandwidth, resources and time.

If you don't like what is happening, then fight the spammer, not the people who look for answers to get around the lying scums. Find an ISP who DOES care about spam and doesn't dump reports into bogus email addresses. SpamCop may not be perfect, but at least it's trying to help those who hate spam to not have to deal with it. I'm one of those people. I don't want to deal with spam anymore. I'm sick of them filling up my personal and private email box with their lies, their crap and then tripling the load because I asked to be removed. They go beyond not caring what I want for my own email box. In fact, they go out of their way to send me multiple spams per day advertising the same damn thing. Therefore I don't care what they want. Apparently they didn't consider the fact that those who can't stand the intrusion will fight back. That's what we are doing and what we will continue to do until the respect those who don't want their BS.

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Jist noting that traffic exists "here" with a number of links provided as time went on ... but as these posts date back to late 2004, I leave it to the user to decude if jumping back to those old postings are worth the effort. (actually a bit of fun to see what else was generating complaints back then <g>)

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