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I got blacklisted! pls someone help.


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First, Hi everyone this is my first post here and i think u see posts like this everyday.

Im Brazillian and dont have a good english but i will try to explain my problem.

Some of my users tell me about of some of their e-mails are getting back with some error about spamcop.

I enter in spamcop site and try http://www.spamcop.net/w3m?action=checkblo...= and i get:

System has sent mail to SpamCop spam traps in the past week (spam traps are secret, no reports or evidence are provided by SpamCop) is my main SMTP mail server i have around 50 domains and 5.000 accounts, i use spamcop services to check inbound spams and others stuff.

Let me explain the config of my e-mail system:

I'm using Slackware 10.1 updated

I use qmail for smtp and courier for imap and pop

Vpopmail is my directory struct for the domains and users

I use mysql to store the account and password info.

My qmail is very modified with patchs and some modifications made by myself.

qmail has a tarpid control for mail count and mail send delay

qmail has a mailbadfrom and mailbadto blacklist working system

qmail blocks domains by wildcard like *mail.com (hotmail.com gmail.com for example)

qmail has a chkuser patch, the smtp check if the user exist so the server reject the mail before finish the smtp connection. EX:

2006-09-21 11:02:53.216335500 CHKUSER rejected rcpt: from <user[at]domain::> remote <domain:domin:FQND> rcpt <user[at]domain2> : not existing recipient

qmail use qmailscanner for mail scan with



Qmail delete all virus and spam with score (5.0)

I dont know how my server get black listed, the server bounce only msg with overquota msg couse if the user dont exist the remote server get the error awnser for the CHKUSER patch not for a bounce mail.

Someone can explain and help me?

thank you.

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I think that you will need to contact the SC Deputies about this one. There are no items in the report database visible to paying users associated with your IP address, and nothing recent in the Usenet abuse groups. As you probably know, the reporting addresses associated with your IP are:



so I'm not sure if you'll need to get admins from one of those systems to make the contact with the Deputies, but I think you should be the one to try, because you are more familiar with all the details. You can use this form:


Enter a Subject in the box (maybe "IP is listed due to spam traps") and then click on the "Reason for contact" button to reach the next screen of the form and proceed with more information.


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Hi, reiserfs!

...Thank you for your post. I am sorry we here can not help you. I especially appreciated that, unlike many others, you did not assume that SpamCop blocked the e-mails (you wrote: "with some error about spamcop" whereas many other people have written something more like "SpamCop is blocking my e-mails", which is not correct). Also, you provided the IP address that was blocked and a good deal of information about the configuration of your e-mail environment without having to be asked.

...When you contact the SpamCop Deputies, please provide as much useful information as you can. Those e-mails they can answer without going back to you with questions are more likely to get answered sooner.

...Good luck in finding your problem.

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