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Need to whitelist a specific IP

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Nada, from the "urgency" of your messages it seems to me that you're being blocked by someone to send them an email.

you gave an IP address and using SpamCop (SC) itself, the IP address is not listed in several blocklists (BL) that SC uses (or adds to.)


this link returns the following:

Statistics: not listed in bl.spamcop.net not listed in cbl.abuseat.org not listed in dnsbl.sorbs.net

using the Talos system I look up the same address and find the following:


and scrolling down a bit:

Block Lists
bl.spamcop.net: 	Not Listed
cbl.abuseat.org:	Not Listed
pbl.spamhaus.org:	Not Listed
sbl.spamhaus.org:	Not Listed

Talos Security Intelligence Block List	
Added to the Block List:	No

so far, the IP address you are asking to be removed/whitelisted doesn't seem to be included in any BL used here.

I do have a bit of advice though:
you are using an IP address from sendgrid. This provider has been spammer friendly in the past (there are discussions in the SC forums up to 2021) and it is possible that the recipient's provider or the recipient him-/herself has set up their own BL blocking every sendgrid IP address range. it is not SC nor Cisco/Talos at this time.

You might want to send your contact a message through a different avenue (different IP than sendgrid) and tell them to whitelist that IP since they are using their own BL.
Let me point you to a different thread (you then might want to scroll up to see the originating message) but it explains why you might think that spamcop is blocking you:

I hope you get your issue resolved.

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13 hours ago, Nada Ameen said:

Plz do it ASAP stop criminal phishing spam going through it
Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports
sendgrid.com refusing abuse reports don't help either
Get a Gmail account my advice

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52 minutes ago, ninth said:

Also on spam.dnsbl.sorbs.net

Hitting spam traps which mean dictionary attack and or email poison scraped from spamtrap websites

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2 hours ago, Nada Ameen said:

How can I stop it ?! 
If it's any way you can help me to whitelist it please do it 

well, when I checked it was not listed, but apparently the IP address you give seems to send spam...
there is no whitelisting for IPs that send spam. plain and simple.

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8 hours ago, Nada Ameen said:

how can I know if the spam stop through IP ?


Sorry used a members link seems the IP is still flooded with spam attack/s
Click the link is this a shared IP or has your computer been compromised.
You really should look for a better  ISP one that accepts abuse reports and looks at it!
That's assuming you are not the cause? In which case you need to clean up your mailing list to legitimatize it.
You a email marketer, if so you need to learn how to do it

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