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[Resolved] POP refusing connections since yesterday


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I normally POP my mail to a local client where I keep my mail permanently.

However, as of yesterday (21-Sep-2006) it refuses connections.

"Connection was refused. Ensure that the POP server is correct."

I have changed nothing on my side.

Server = pop.spamcop.net

Client: Netscape 4.8 (Simple and does everything I want it to do)

Webmail works fine.

I also have a tool that checks mail (pops without removing) looking for spam.

Neither that nor the netscape can pop anymore. Both stopped at the same time.

I have not changed my password.




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Topic was moved and PM sent to OP requesting the following information:

Are you able to log into WebMail? or access via IMAP?

What email client are you using?

Note: I have not had any problems POPing my SpamCop account, but I am unable to test it from my current location. Last accessed 10 hours ago.

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