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Can I bypass the web form reporting


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I forward spam email directly to my Spamcop address.  I then have to sign into SpamCop and go through each one, telling SpamCop to report the spam to the appropriate parties.

This is fine if I have one or two to report.  But often I can have as many as 30-40 to report at one time, especially when I haven't been on email for several hours.  This can easily take a half hour or more to bring up the report on the SpamCop report page and tell it to send the report.

Is there any way to bypass this second step?  There are times I can submit the spam but don't have time to make these reports.  As a result, they may sit in your queue for 24 hours or more, growing stale.

TIA for your response.

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I think this is a check added so we don't submit legitimate emails. When you submit spam as an attachment, you should get a reply back. (That reply will have all tracking URLs in it if you put more than one attachment per email submission.)

Now, I think what you might be looking for is the "quick reporting" that the deputies might need to enable on your account. I think I read where they would get you an alternate quick.xxxxxxxxx@ address (where the xxxxx will match your submit.xxxxxxx@ address).
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Thanks for the reply - that's exactly what I want.  I've been reporting for over 20 years and can count on one hand the number of times I've reported something incorrectly.  I do my on filtering here and don't even look at the reports that I get - I just scroll down and hit "Submit Report".

Do you know who would I contact to enable "quick reporting"?  It would save me quite a bit of time.

Thanks again for your help.

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