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We're being victimized...


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My company is publically traded and someone out there decided to send a "pump n dump" spam email with links to 2 of our websites. Our provider has now shutdown our sites by removing DNS entries, eventhough we have explained to them that we were not responsible and did not authorize this email.

I've offered to have an officer of the company fax them a letter to acknowledge this, but they are unwilling to help for fear of their own service being suspended.

How can I defend our company?

In the FAQ item: http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/88.html

It states:

"The report generated is intended only as a notification of a reference to your site in a spam message. If your ISP and you both agree that you are innocent, then SpamCop provides an easy way to prevent reports regarding your site (or at least that specific URL). Not only will this prevent reports of the current spamming, but all future spamming that uses your URLs also. "

What is this "easy way"? Where do I go from here?


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Hi, pittbug!

...Were I in your shoes, I would thank my provider for being proactive in trying to stop Spamvertizing and wish them well, then find a new provider who is not so quick to pull the plug.

...Good luck!

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The problem is with the:

your ISP and you both agree that you are innocent

part of that equation.

You should try to bring the part you quoted to the attention of your provider. Also mention that they will not be added to the BL for a spamvertized site. If you can not get your ISP to agree that you are not involved, you need to find another provider.

To answer your question, the easy way is for the ISP receiving the reports to mark the situation as an innocent bystander.

This is all assuming that you are innocent. Not making a judgement one way or another, here.

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they will not be added to the BL

While this is true for the SpamCop DNSbl, not so true for some of the other BL's ... just felt the need to point that out ... some others would list for the (alleged) spam support .. also making no judgements on the specific case offered here.

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Thanks for the info guys.

While I appreciate that my provider is diligent in the prevention of spam, it's very frustrating to know that you're an innocent party, the provider knows you're an innocent party, but is still unwilling to help.

I've emailed them the info from the FAQ and a link to this thread. I really don't want to have to move my colo box to another provider when it seems this can be quickly and simply resolved.

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