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Making SpamCop user-friendly


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There are some links to the forum as links to help. Unfortunately, some old links may be broken or to out of date info. As for moving from www.spamcop{dot}net to or from forum{dot}spamcop{dot}net there are security issues.  As you may have notices spammers and other malcontent frequent this forum.

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On 8/24/2023 at 12:42 PM, nav2spamcop said:

Why is there no link to forum from Spamcop.net after we sign in?  At least not one that I can find.


After I open Spamcop.net main site, if I need to see the forums I then go to "Site Map" shortcut at the high right side of the page, here there is an handy link to the Forums.

It's not so quick as having a label alongside the labels as in the mockup I made, but three clicks are handy enough. I hope it might help you.



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while there is the possibility to go from image.png.fe25df3765c402af41754b7beb78e920.pngtoimage.png.203728601fabbc742bbf51d8feddec02.pngthrough the sitemap link, there is no way the other way unless it's through a tracking URL link in a post.

Personally I have two tabs open (well, it's actually more, but that's beside the point,) one to the parsing section, and one to the forum section. with that I have my bases covered and just have to switch tabs.


P.S. yes, the SC URLs above are pics, not text, to keep it from linking. I know, it's not fair ;). Quirks of life.

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