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IP range of velia.net Internetdienste GmbH showing Host Europe GmbH abuse contact

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There's a very heavy spammer on the loose, imitating various companies, leading to phishing sites, stealing credit card data, selling illegal drugs, even advertising child pornography. And by "on the loose" I mean between 1 and 5 spam mails per minute to just one recipient (myself). I'm sure others are affected as well.

Sadly, Spamcop parses the IP address wrongly, showing Host Europe GmbH as the responsible organization. The following IP addresses are affected:,,,,,,,,


The correct abuse contact should be: abuse-inquiries@server4you.com

Here's an the correct source: https://apps.db.ripe.net/db-web-ui/query?bflag=false&dflag=false&rflag=true&searchtext=

Due to this error, the abuse contact of Host Europe GmbH (abuse@hosteurope.de) is being spammed by reports, while the spammer gets away with their mass criminal activities.

Is a fix possible?


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8 hours ago, GeForce777 said:

The IP also shows Host Europe, even though it should be HEG Mass: https://apps.db.ripe.net/db-web-ui/query?bflag=false&dflag=false&rflag=true&searchtext=

Does SpamCop still have a IP refresh? SpamCop processes so much spam.
if SpamCop does check RIPE every time RIPE think it is a DS attack and blocks SpamCop from checking.
Not using SpamCop now lost password, but it did have a REFRESH button under IP to renew it
If you had sent a SpamCop track I could see and refresh it (anyone can)

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