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china number 1 ?


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im just wondering who your number 1 spam country is.

Mine is ...( as far as i can remember the mails ) china !

so i know the netherlands is on number 5 but hard to believe.

Look at some sophos numbers.....

United States 56.74%

Canada 6.80%

China (& Hong Kong) 6.24%

South Korea 5.77%

Netherlands 2.13%

These findings are based upon an analysis of hundreds of thousands of emails examined by Sophos spam researchers using honeypots and other measuring systems around the world.

Thats all great but 8 of the 10 mails i get comes from china.

Who is your number 1 ?

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Well, according to the number of people living in China, it should be normal that most e-mails come from there...

but more seriously, the fact that the e-mail comes from a .cn address does not really mean that it originates from China, in the sense of being composed in that country!

the reason seems that the .cn toplevel domain managers are rather permissive (they want to make money)

so they let you get (and host for you) a domain name with least requirements...

and a web page on a server with the PHP command 'email()' enabled is sufficient to send spam from that address, wherever you are in the world... (while the "professionals" will use more sophisticated techniques...)

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