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adding new mailhost

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My Mail providers have changed, so I have been updating my mailhost.

I removed the old ones and started adding the 5 new host back in.

The problem is that Mailhost only displays 4 host and does not appeal to display in any partical order.

Three of the domains are hosted by GoDaddy, one by Net Identity and one by Earthlink.

Why am I not able to see all 5 domains?

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...Why am I not able to see all 5 domains?
It's the hosts that are important rreiha, not the domains - one discussion is http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?...ost&p=39728 I'm not quite sure why you're seeing 4 (I would have thought 3) but no doubt there is an explanation. Assure yourself that you can report accurately before doing any quick reporting.
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