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Mailhosts vs. Yahoo


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I have a yahoo.com address that receives nothing but spam. Those messages are automatically forwarded to my spamcop address for reporting.

I succcessfully added that address to the new mailhosts system and several messages seemed to have been parsed properly after that. But now, I'm getting the vast majority (perhaps 80% or more) where the reports want to go to Yahoo since the mailhost is not detected.

This appears to be happening because the messages came from a Yahoo mail server unknown to Spamcop.

Do I need to go through the "add host" logic again? It seems to me that Yahoo's mail server setup must be horribly complex. How can we and/or Spamcop keep up on such things?

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Yes, please do.  If that doesn't work, please follow Ellen's advice.

I resubmitted my Yahoo address to the mail host system and, after a couple of false starts, eventually got it to work(*). This morning's batch of email seems to have gone through without any parsing errors.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

(*) The false starts were my own fault. I was forwarding the confirmation emails from the wrong address and they were (apparently) being silently ignored.

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