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How cam I whitelist this?

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I want to whitelist the emails I get from an MSN group [they are sent to a Hotmail address of mine, and I pick them by mail collecting]

I tried whitelisting [at]groups.msn.com , but it doesn't seem to work with this

Return-Path: <Xxxxxx [at] xxxxxxxx.com>
Delivered-To: Xxxxxxxx [at] spamcop.net

To: NameOfTheGroup  [at]  groups.msn.com

Reply-To: "NameOfTheGroup" <NameOfTheGroup [at] groups.msn.com>
From: "Xxxxxxxxxx" <Xxxxxxxxx [at] xxxxxxxx.com>

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groups.msn.com doesn't work because, if I understand correctly, the mail does not appear to come from msn.com but rather from the submitter of the post. I think one way of solving this is to look in the headers for the msn server that is forwarding/sending the mail and add that to your whitelist.

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Look for a common "Reply to" address and try that.

I thought I already did so, as I whitelisted groups.msn.com that's in the reply-to.

Also, lose the [at] sign at the start of the white list entry. It will cause failures all by itself.

Maybe that's it! I'll give it a try!

Thank you! :)

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