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Daylight Savings Time - US Win-98/98SE/ME users


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I'm still getting hit with 'problems' on this subject. Searched and searched for a place to point to, answers found didn't help me at all, in most cases. *&^%$ 'experts' continue to point to a download on Microsoft's support pages, but seem to overlook the fact that the only file(s) offered by Microsoft are for 2000, XP, etc. There is no real help offered for 95/98/Me.

Technically, the file(s) needed to handle this are on the Win-98 CD. But, as I've found on several systems coming through here, those with the OS delivered on the hidden partition and a couple that came with the 'Recovery CD's" do not have the needed folders with the 'extra' software.

As I sit here, I don't have a 95 system available right now. I have two Win-ME systems sitting here, one screwed to the max, the other awaiting an attempted install to a new hard drive ... bottom line, no experiments done on Win-ME or 95 thus far.

But, in the interest of helping out folks still using Win-98(SE), here's the data needed. I'm not going to provided it as a "file" .. I do not want to contribute to the notion that downloading a .reg file from anywhere on the net is OK ... so data is provided 'raw' so that the included data can actually be seen. Instructions provided below the codebox showing the data.

I have installed this to over 30 Win-98 and Win-98SE systems thus far with no issues, works fine. However, the usual comment applies .... if you manage to screw things up in the process, the result is 'on you' ...

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation gets set via the adjusting of the time on the particular computer, based on the selection of the TimeZone and DST checkbox .... so not including that data-setting in the offered Registry file data change

Location of data for Win-98(SE): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones

Because of the 2005 Energy Bill language that also requires evaluation of the energy savings seen by this change, there is the possible/probable future change of this data yet again in the future. So, I set this reg file up to 'add' these new dates, rather than replace the exiting items, in case it is simply repealed and things revert.

Registry change (addition) file for Alaska, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific

Data was:

Start: First Sunday April 0200

Stop: Last Sunday October 0200

change to;

Start: Second Sunday March 0200

Stop: First Sunday November 0200


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\2007+ Alaskan US]
"Std"="2007+ Alaskan US"
"Display"="(GMT-09:00) 2007+ Alaskan US"
"Dlt"="2007+ Alaskan US"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\2007+ Eastern US]
"Std"="2007+ Eastern US"
"Display"="(GMT -05:00) 2007+ Eastern US"
"Dlt"="2007+ Eastern US"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\2007+ Central US]
"Std"="2007+ Central US"
"Display"="(GMT-06:00) 2007+ Central US"
"Dlt"="2007+ Central US"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\2007+ Mountain US]
"Std"="2007+ Mountain US"
"Display"="(GMT-07:00) 2007+ Mountain US"
"Dlt"="2007+ Mountain US"

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Time Zones\2007+ Pacific US]
"Std"="2007+ Pacific US"
"Display"="(GMT-08:00) 2007+ Pacific US"
"Dlt"="2007+ Pacific US"

Fire up NotePad (want plain text, nothing but plain text)

Select/Copy all the stuff in the codebox above.

Paste into the NotePad window.

"Save As" ..... "USDSTRegChangeFile.reg" (that's with quotes, else the file tries to end up being saved with a .txt extension .. depending on your system, it'll either complain about the double extension or actually save it as a .txt file, which kills the following 'run' step)

"Save As" .. pick a location so you can find the file after you save it ... usual recommendation is the DeskTop

Close Notepad.

Find the 'saved file' ... do the double-left-click on the file name.

...(If your Windows install is still a bit default, you may not be able to 'see' this file, due to the .reg extension being a 'system' type file. Rather than clutter this up with instructions on how to 'fix' your Windows Explorer issue, use the Start-Find-Files sequence and 'find' the file (on your C: drive [assumedly] using the file name you "Saved As" .... when that window displays the file in question, double-left-click on that file name)

Data will then be added to the Registry.

Double-left-click on the 'time' display, usually at the bottom right of the screen ....

Select the 'new' TimeZone [in my case, it reads (GMT -06:00) 2007+ Central US] .. check the "Automatically adjust clock for saylight savings time" box

Click on the 'Apply" button

As the date has already passed, you'll probably have to actually change the time to be correct, but .. that depends on whether you've actually already advanced it .... the 'fall back' issue will now be handled on the correct date this fall.

Close that window.

You're done ....

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Thanks for the info, Wazoo - I was going to change the time on my Windows 9x machine manually, but if this works I won't have to.

BTW, in my opinion there is not only no reason that it is this difficult to change, there is no possible or justifiable reason for it.

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Thanks for the info, Wazoo - I was going to change the time on my Windows 9x machine manually, but if this works I won't have to.

Sitting at another person's house/system, I noted that the use of the 'codebox' thing to decrease the use of vertical space also 'removed' some of the formatting in the 'copied' text/data. So changed the block layout to the 'code' commend.

It's kind of hard to 'see' if it works, unless you want to play around with the system clock setting ... the first 'nornal' sequence/clue would be that the offer/announcement that DST settings have changed won't occur on the first Sunday in April ... then one woud have to wait until this fall to see the next change. For testing, one would set the system clock to a minute or two prior to the changeover time/date .. apply .. then see if the notice comes up.

BTW, in my opinion there is not only no reason that it is this difficult to change, there is no possible or justifiable reason for it.

Technically, not that hard to do if one has access to the tools .. that's the issue I ran into. Tools not provided on systems with the hidden partition and recover CD forms of provided system software ... and of course the oter folks that don't have a clue as to where they stored their original System documentation and disks.

The data change is pretty easily seen by comparing the 'changed' data to the original Registry entries for the same Timezones ... but reverse engineering just what the (changed) bits are defined as ... that's the rub ...

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O/T but similar: the 0300 25 March 2007 Australian readjustment to standard time has worked in XP (for me). For the (now) +0800 WST that was a very late change, subject to it's own patch IIRC.

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Just in case ... working on a Win-98 (not SE) system today and had the DST pop-up .... applied this patch/Registry update and again, works fine. bringing this Topic back up to the top for those that may have missed it , may still need it.

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