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Locating the spammer source


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I would like to go about an investigation to locate a particular spammer source. I keep getting emails into my Master Road Runner account, with a particular subject line (Sexually Explicit....), so I know it is the same spammer. Yes I know I can create subaccounts and abandon the Master account. But the spam continues to build up in the master account until my email space is FULL!

The spam just does not stop, and I'm about to switch ISP's so I don't have to deal with anymore. Legally, the spammer is using Sexually Explicit, but it is still spam.

I've been reporting to SpamCop, Knujon, and my ISP Road Runner. Road Runner blocks the IP's, but the spammer just finds more machines/IP's to continue spamming. How can I locate the source of this spammer?

I have to say, that I'm tired of reporting to SpamCop. It is getting me nowhere, waste of time reporting each spam individually, and seems to have no effect. If I had Spamcop Quick Reporting, where I could just send the email, then it would be better. But right now, I have to send it to Spamcop, then log into Spamcop website and go through each damn spam email. This takes too much damn time.

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Well, enabling quick reporting is pretty easy, just email the deputies, and they will set it up for you. As far as stopping the email, what email software are you using? Does it have any anti-spam tools that can take advantage of the SCBL? Reporting to the SCBL is great, but is not going to help you if you don't then use the list somehow. If you are using a tool like Outlook, I believe there are several plugins you can use that will take advantage of the SCBL for filtering your mail. You can also find yourself a copy of OLSpamcop, which turns reporting to spamcop into a single click operation.

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