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[Resolved] ISP puts me on SMTP block when I send spam to spamcop


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They did it again.. Sent 4 spams to spamcop and got a 1 hour SMTP block for being a spammer.

Wish they'd get a clue



SMTP Policy

CFU operates a load-balanced system for outbound mail. Please use smtp.cfu.net (ip address of for all outbound email.

NOTE: The CFU mail servers are not to be used for bulk mailings or spam. If you are a business, and you would like to send large amounts of email, we recommend that you install your own email server or contact our NOC to create a free mailing list for you use.

In an effort to curb the spread of viral infections that utilize their own SMTP engine, CFU has installed a block on outbound SMTP connections from the Residential Network to mail servers that are not operated by CFU. This includes all Office Customers that have not purchased a static IP address.

The computer at was first blocked on

2007-01-20 17:54:03 (Data only available for the past 30 days)

Since then, it has been blocked 7 time(s).

The blocks were the result of 58 messages, 7 infected

messages, and 0 UCE events.

Timestamp (yyyy-mm-dd) # of Messages # of Virus Block ID

2007-01-20 17:54:03 12 1 2680831

2007-01-20 18:04:50 13 1 2680881

2007-01-24 09:02:11 22 1 2696561

2007-05-23 17:12:23 1 1 3941161

2007-06-01 05:32:19 3 1 4019841

2007-06-03 15:56:38 3 1 4042631

2007-06-06 06:54:12 4 1 4069411

This host is currently blocked.

The block will expire in 00:26:20 hh:mm:ss

The time noted is the estimation of the time left

in the block, and not the time that the block will be released.

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don't really have much choice. CFU is tied to the local utillities and the only other alternative is Mediacom and they are probably much worse

Alternative mail provider, one that provides an alternate port for sending messages, perhaps. SpamCop has a Beta SMTP service which has worked great for me. You do need a spamcop email account, however.

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Well, the only other suggestion I can make would be to use the technique I used when having connection problems with time warner. Complain. Complain often. Complain loudly. Complain to anyone you can get ahold of at the company. Call them every single time there is a problem. If you can weazle a direct number for level 2 or 3 support, call them and complain.

The blocks were the result of 58 messages, 7 infected

Actually, I kind of wonder about this, since they say on the page you linked to that they only block when sending 800 messages in 2 minutes. I'm no mathmatician, but I'm pretty sure 58 is less than 800...

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The complain method seemed to work pretty good. ;P

--- quote from email


Our outgoing mail servers scan each message to make sure it does not

contain any viruses nor is it spam. When you sent out multiple messages

that were copies of phishing attempts and other spam, our mail servers

correctly saw 4 pieces of spam going out in a relatively short period.

They correctly thought your pc may have been compromised.

In order for our customers to be able to forward the spam they have

detected onto spamcop, our network admins have adjusted how the mail

servers handle mail going to the spamcop domain. You should now be able

to forward your spam to spamcop without being added to the email block list.

If you encounter problems with this in the future, please let us know.


Dan Samp

CFU Help Desk


[Moderator edit - phone number munged. If actually okay for public display it can be restored by any moderator]

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The complain method seemed to work pretty good. ;P
Great result, thanks for the feedback and thanks for helping other SC reporters using CFU :)

Removing that phone number, not sure if it is public record or not, taking no chances. Marking as resolved.

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