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WebMail (out of) Beta


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Further advertised by the latest announcement on the webmail login page:

Jul 11, 2007

[12:13 EDT] SpamCop Email is testing a new version of our webmail system. If you would like to try the new system, please click here or go straight to http://webmailbeta.spamcop.net. After you have logged in, you can use the Problem button at the top of the page to report any issues you see. Please help us test this new webmail to make sure it is ready to go.

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For those of you that missed it (as I did) there was an anoouncement made on the 'e-mail news page';

Aug 13, 2007

[22:27 EDT] Several people reported a problem earlier with the Release function not working in the new webmail. This should be fixed now.

[09:39 EDT] The new Webmail system has been officially released. Please report any troubles to webmailbeta[at]spamcop.net or by using the 'Problem' button at the top of the Webmail page. Before reporting a problem, please visit http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=8402 and verify that a solution has not already been posted.

Topic Title modified.

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