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Forum pages don't render


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so says a UK user in the newsgroups .... for those not subscribed / that don't read them, archives in a non-NNTP format are found at http://zeta.cesmail.net/pipermail/scspamco...hread.html#3104 ..

Subject Line: [scspamcop] No submission response

<do.not at eventhinkofmailing.me> wrote in message

news:f6bp11$qb1$1 at news.spamcop.net...


> "Mike Easter" <MikeE at ster.invalid> wrote in message

> news:f6boct$ppm$1 at news.spamcop.net...

> :

> : and brilliantly decides to bless us with a 100K news message of

> about

> : 3000 lines of raw html, apparently copied and pasted from

> Wazoo's link.

> :

> : I'm puzzled at why some foolish frustrated soul would do that.

> :

> coz that's what quoted SC page gives .... if you would like to

> interpret the

> data then good for you! The forums have never -ever- given

> anything else on

> our networks (and please don't suggest local problem - we have

> tried access

> via our and several other 3rd party networks - with exactly same

> results -

> reported and ignored as usual)

??? Reported to whom? Where? What information was provided?

There are plenty of other U.K. users posting 'over there' ...

Folks using stuff ranging from IE4 to last-night's-build of FireFox,

to include other users of Opera, Safari, Konquerer .. on and on ...

Yeah, I know, it's stupid to ask, as those that would be impacted would not see this, therefore not Reply, but .... anyone else hear about or have this issue?

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I've never heard of access problems. Haven't tried lately but even Netscape 4.79 was giving "readable" (sort of) pages last time I looked (Jan 2005). But certainly couldn't post with it. Lo-fi pages were rendering perfectly. Even then, half the webpages on the internet were unavailable to that browser. I would think the only people unable to get to at least reading access to these pages are those who have taken the decision to do text only.

[Just checked - NS Communicator 4.7 (pre 4.79) is a total no go. Produces a page fault with lofi, shows no text in hifi. IE5 is fine.]

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