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My bank punished me for paying spamcop!


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My debit card was temporarily 'blocked' by my stupid bank, because they regarded my payment to SpamCop as 'suspicious'.

Here is my email to the cooperative bank: (I was pretty irate with them as you can imagine :angry: )


I have a cashminder account with your bank

On the 2nd July, I found that I could not use my visa debit card in payment, even though my account was in credit (£300 +).

This caused me considerable embarrassment and inconvenience.

I attempted to pay for my monthly bus pass, the card was declined, so I had to draw out over £50 cash to pay for the bus pass.

When I got home, I couldn't pay my skype bill

I couldn't top up my mobile etc...

A message was left on my mobile, but I didn't get the voicemail until yesterday.

That, however is not the point.

I rang your bank today (Wednesday) and it was explained to me that my card had been blocked due to a suspicious transaction. The transaction was a payment to SpamCop. This is a legitimate organisation that helps to fight spam. (you know, one of those organisations that actually try and make life difficult for spammers by reporting them, so that we can get on with our business and make money ?) - I am a professional web developer and software engineer by the way!

Instead your STUPID INCOPENTANT bank punished me!!!!

As well as phoning YOU, I had to contact paypal, because as a result of your stupidity, I had to re-submit my debit card before I could use it again.

I will remind you, that if I go overdrawn by just 1 penny, I get nasty letters and charged by you.

So I must tell you the following:


2. The money that is in your bank is *** MY *** money !! NOT yours! NEVER EVER FORGET THAT !

3. If this happens again, I will charge you a fee for my loss of time and business and take you to the small claims court to retrieve the funds. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.

4. I will be posting this letter on spamcop forum and other anti-spam and sites related to problems with banks.


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My debit card was temporarily 'blocked' by my stupid bank, because they regarded my payment to SpamCop as 'suspicious'.


...Well, I have to say I am somewhat sympathetic to your loss of time and embarrassment but also must say that I sincerely hope financial institutions do not adopt your demands for all of us! Maybe they could ask each of us beforehand whether or not we want our accounts to be blocked if they see suspicious activity. I certainly want them to do so, even though I have had an account blocked due to (what I believe should have been known by the financial institution to be) undue suspicion; I have also had suspicious charges correctly refused and then brought to my attention (fortunately, the financial institution in question did not block ALL my transactions, just the suspicious one).
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I'm pretty sure that you've got other financial institutions to choose from....were I you, I'd move my account immediately and send the bank a letter explaining why, with copies to their executives. They don't deserve your business.


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