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These are so rare anymore, I just thought I would post it to keep morale up :)

On Wed, Jul 04, 2007 at 04:18:52PM -0500, Telarin wrote:

> [ SpamCop V640 ]

> This message is brief for your comfort. Please use links below for details.

------ snipped ------

> --- End of Mail Submission ---


Thank you for your report concerning this Unsolicited Bulk Email incident.

The account concerned has been identified and suspended under the terms of the Sky Broadband Acceptable Use Policy.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this incident may have caused.

Kind regards

Anthony Edwards


Sky Broadband Abuse Team


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actually, one of the 'funniest' threads ended up being about whether or not anybody actually appreciated getting this kind of feedback. I believe that also then rambled on to include whether or not feedback to this kind of response was worth the effort.

Which of course now brings up the fact that I haven't yet recoded the Search tool here to look at the current newsgroup archive set ... dang it ....

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In the hope that this time a "me too" might help boost morale, I got one too, my very first acknowledgement since I unmoled. Identical to Telarin's, from Anthony Edwards. Thank you Anthony. My perpetrator IP was

My little spamwave was German Pump 'n Dump, what was yours?

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