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Sources for long term spam statistics?


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The good news (possibly) is that I've recently begun a side project to write a book on spam, drawing on the materials from my website.

The bad news is that I'll be sponging whomever, wherever, and whatever I can to get material for the book.

Right now, I'm interested in any kind of long-term statistics on spam, preferably from single sources.

I imagine that SpamCop may have records of its reporting activity going back some years, but the stats page doesn't give you any more than one year. Is there any way to get info going further back?

Postini seems to have been keeping track of its activity for quite a long time, but their website only shows you the past few months.

When I started my site some years ago, everyone was groaning about how spam accounted for 35% of e-mail; according to Postini this is now up to about 85%. I'd like to be able to show this growth in some fashion.

Google, which is normally my friend, hasn't been very forthcoming.

Anyone have any ideas?

-- rick

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a number of the spam/filtering hardware/software 'solutions' have offered up various white-papers and press-releases overr the years that may have some of the data you need. Granted, usually a lot of hype involved, as it's justifying their stuff, but it'd be based on 'their' experience .. which of course runs you headlong into the varying numbers, one place saying 60%, another using 80% for a similar timeframe, but .. we all know how spam loads can vary ...

there may be some data found in the (unfortuantely now dead) SpamKings Blog at http://spamkings.oreilly.com/ ....

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