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House: Configuration settings <g>


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Brought here from/by a PM, as the answer simply got too long/rambling .....

Never mind, looks like it is in the lounge. I need to put my glasses back on!

OK, didn't get back to the house until late .. don't see any 'footprints' indication it was moved by one of the Moderators ....

In my case, glasses aren't enough a lot of times .. the magnifying glass is always in the area.

A brother dropped off a pretty good sized LCD display .. finally got around to hooking it up to someone else's system (I'm getting pretty beat up by) .. but I was ready to admit that my main monitor was ready for the scrap heap, based on how easy it was to read that LCD .... gave up on the 'Recovery' CDs, ran a real XP install, using the numbers from another running system here ... got to where I noted that the LCD was set to 800x600 .. OK, that explains why I was able to read it so easy <g> ... the fact that it's a wide-screen, thus showing so much more horizontally than a regular monitor is what threw me ... yet, bumping it up to 1024x768 shows me that the contrast and brightness is still a major improvement over what I'm looking at right now ....

The obvious question, even asked by that brother .. why don't I plug it in and use it directly ... explanation;

main stack in living room, starting at the top ....

speakers, CD holders, stacks, Palm VII sitting on a monitor shelf that also has 'boxes' hanging down on both sides of a 15" CRT monitor - that monitor connected to a tower sitting on top of a pile of three towers to my right

a 15" CRT montor with a shelf to hold the above montior - connected to a KVM switch - connected to one system sitting at the bottom of a stack of three towers on the other (back) side of the roll-around cart - the other system is the top system in the tower stack to my right

disktop case - 133MHz Pentium, attached to a monitor sitting on a 100MHz Pentium disktop sitting on a stool to the right and a bit behind the roll-around cart

roll-around cart

LCD is currently sitting on a stack of three desktops and an 18-(twisted-pair)-port router with a coaxial bridge for the thin-net connections .. to the left of the roll-around cart .... in front of an ancient dual-486 Compaq tower server, two desktops on top of that case, and a 15" CRT monitor on top of all that ....

Then there's currently the next 'row' of stuff ... I actually can't close the front door, as there's two tower systems sitting there .... let's not talk about how many times a day that I do a bit of cursing when I realize that I've grabbed the wrong mouse/keyboard .. wondering why I can't find a certain file because it's on a system not currently 'seen' as it's on the other side of a KVM switch (3 of those floating around in this mess)

So as I told my brother .. just give me a few minutes to figure out just how to rearrange a stack or two <g> Now, finding those 'few minutes' has been the issue. I made a 12-cup pot of coffee about 0600 .. I poured 10.5 cips into a thermos, filled a cup .... I got back home around 2130, filled my cup with what was left in the coffee maker, warmed that up with what was in the thermos, and had my second (actually still the first as there was cold coffee still in the cup) cup of coffee for the day. No more than started drinking that when the phoine rang .... been going through an XP re-install with a (ex) daughter-in-law for the last couple of hours .... just hung up with her, assuming her cell phone batteries died ...????

I am beat at this point .....

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You haven't mentioned the attic :D . Or the basement. How about installing a mezzanine? The inescapable conclusion being 800 ft2 ain't enough for one Wazoo plus "hobby". Hey, it's amazing what you can cram into one of those $30 three-man dome tents (thinking "annex/e" here). You can even stand up inside (anywhere within 6" of the center). Depending on what you define as "stand up" and whether you measure more than 4'8" or thereabouts, all stretched out. Stretching out (vertically) is over-rated anyway. And dangerous.


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attic - unheated (crawl) space

bathroom - Mac 475 or something like that, sitting on top of their shipping boxes

(what should be the) bedroom - MacSE, several 'really broken' PCs of various makes and vintages ...

kitchen - stacked-on-edge laptops, a few 386s, a couple 486SXs, 120MHz Pentium with a broken display .. these come to mind

couch - three laptops wedged between the arm of the couch and that roll-around cart to my right, three more on the floor to my right, two more stacked on the cushion to my left

wired and wireless routers ... one on the floor (next to the rack-mount 18-port box) ... three on two facing walls of the living room

garage - some Pentiums, an 8088 (8086?) Leading Edge Model D, complete with a 10Meg hard drive, nice green monochrome monitor .. damn thing runs just fine ....

hmmmm .. now that I'm thinking about it, when looking through that (broken into) storage shed, I do recall seeing my TI-99/4A, but I don't remeber seeing an ancient Tandy laptop, only had two floppies to run stuff from ... hmmmm have to go back over there and take a look ...

basement - no Pentiums or above - 286s, 386s, 486s, three Apple II-GS systems, four Apple-IIc units ....

- problem down there is a bad foundation, so there's a mud condition after a rain .. just haven't found the time, energy, attitude to dig up the outside area to get into where I can add the needed concrete / waterproofing / whatever ... have to remove a bit of sidewalk, burrow underneath the concrete floor of a small lean-to storage space, tear out the basement stairs to get to the walls behind them ...

While I was mowing several yards today .. make that yesterday .... I ended up dragging three more lawnmowers home .. one with no spark, one needs the blade sharpened, the third is unknown at present ...

tomorrow locked up making two three hospital trips with two people (ine has both a morning and an afternoon appointment) .. and then back to running the plumbing and wiring for the folks' relocated washer/dryer set ..... guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm so busy elsewhere ...... and I'd sure like to get some of these systems finished up and out of here ....

BTW: daughter-in-law called back .. XP installed, AVG, SpyBot, Defender installed ... drivers for most of the hardaare installed, she decided to call it quits about 0230 or so .... I've got to be up in about four hours to make the first hospital run <g>

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