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[Resolved] SC not keeping up with POP3 downloads


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I have SC configured to collect mail from my ISP by POP3 - unfortunately they don't offer mail forwarding, so it's the only way I can do it. Until recently, this has always worked perfectly, but for the last few days, an increasing number of messages (currently about 3000) has been building up in my ISP's mailbox.

What seems to be happening is that, when SC picks up mail from my ISP, it's only downloading about 80 messages a time, approximately once every 15 minutes. Unfortunately I'm getting more than 80 spams every 15 minutes arriving at my ISP, so the number of messages awaiting collection is building up.

Is there any way to configure SC to download more messages (ideally all of them!) when it collects POP3 mail?



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More definition would be helpful. For example, exactly what 'kind' of e-mail is being discussed?

Typically, when a 'thread / process' is started, there's a bit of a timer set-up in the background to try to ensure that this particular process doesn't lock-up or die, leaving system resources tied up ... then we add in that we know that you aren't the only person being 'serviced' by JT's systems ... so once again, the guess would have to be that each process is again time-limited so as to not screw everyone else ...

The point is that only eighty 1k e-mails might actually indicate some sort of problem ... though at this point, it would be hard to tell which server would be having the issues. If we're talking 80 e-mails that are carrying a 1.2Meg attachment, then we may in fact be talking about the time-limit parameter.

That you aren't complaining of receiving the same 80 e-mails over and over does rule out several possibilities.

You didn't sign up here with a spamcop.net account and you didn't identify the ISP involved ... thusly there is no way I can even begin to think about taking this upstream for you. When you get around to asking JT directly, you'll need to provide all this data to him, so as to point him to just what to be looking for in the server logs.

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My apologies, Wazoo.

My Spamcop account is "chrism[at]spamcop.net". I'm downloading mail from Demon internet in the UK, whose POP3 server is "pop3.demon.co.uk". Virtually all my e-mail is spam - typically short 2-3kb messages with the occasional longer one (20k, typically) mixed in.

I was just wondering if anything had altered in the way that SC collects POP3 mail in the last few days which might have caused this?

One possible reason for the problem, now I think about it, is that Demon's POP3 server was down for almost 24h a couple of days ago, so I've had almost twice the normal volume of mail in the last day. Perhaps I should wait and see what happens once all that's cleared before taking any further action.

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Followup: It's now about 4h since my previous post, and it looks as though the mail backlog is clearing. It's down from 3000 messages to 1700. Guess it must have been the results of the doubling of traffic due to Demon's 24h POP3 server failure which temporarily "overwhelmed" SC.

I think we can consider this "resolved", thanks!

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