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Actual ownership change


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I've not seen an announcement. While searching some SenderBase pages today, I noted a graphic at the bottom right of some (not all) pages. That got me to looking a bit deeper. I see now why I missed it ...

Cisco Launches Self-Defending Network v3.0

I suppose that seeing a Cisco Press Release on an IronPort page should have carried some weight, yet ....????

Only by actually looking at the press Release to see what a 'Self-Defending Network' was all about do I see;

Official close of IronPort acquisition allows Cisco to combine industry-leading content security with network infrastructure protection

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 25, 2007 — Cisco® today announced it has completed the acquisition of privately held IronPort Systems, Inc., the leading provider of e-mail and web security products that provides protection to businesses of all sizes – from small organizations to Fortune 1,000 firms – from spam, spyware, phishing, and other Internet security threats.

The acquisition, announced January 4, 2007, for $830 million in cash and stock,

SpamCop.net is such a small bit of this, not mentioned at all ....

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Some conjecture at the time (Jan 5)...

...Even more interesting in my opinion is what Richi said to me by e-mail in response to a query, namely (emphasis mine):
Yes, clearly IronPort’s reputation data is part of the prize for Cisco. …

An interesting question is what will happen (if anything) with SpamCop. IronPort deliberately ran SpamCop at arm’s length as a matter of policy. I wonder if Cisco will maintain that policy. SpamCop is of course part of the raw data feeding into SenderBase, along with the data phoned home by the IronPort boxes.

As we’ve seen with the BlackSpider acquisition by SurfControl, spam control companies that aggregate lots of data about spam sources are valuable, for reasons in addition to spam control. If a zombie is sending spam, it’s also probably a potential source of other bad stuff, such as worms and DDoS connections.

Repeated by Richi Jennings the next day in http://www.ferris.com/2007/01/06/more_about_why_/

And it still seems "arms-length" is the rule although the more recent niggles could be influenced either directly or indirectly (waiting for the other shoe to drop ...). An interesting point in

The Spamcop spam reporting service was originally created by Julian Haight. It was later purchased by Ironport Systems. Ironport has since been purchased by networking and communications technology company Cisco. (In spite of this transition to corporate ownership, the Spamcop site's front page contains a prominent legal defense fund link, and contains further information on the fund in the Spamcop FAQ.)
So much to be done ...
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Here again, I can't help it. ...
Yep, a matter for the owner, which was the point I meant to make. It points up the whole frustrating issue of attempting to support with neither policy guidance nor formal authority while the formal pronouncements are obsolete and outdated in known and evident parts, therefore unreliable to an unknown degree in other parts - and they often don't go far enough even if they are reliable.

Given those constraints, it (the unofficial "Clayton's" support) has worked surprisingly well, thanks only to one Mr. Wazoo. I would say amazingly well. And that would include the newsgroups (heh, and the whole "reported demise has been exaggerated" theme), the critical preservation of which newsgroups' historical record is (mostly) thanks to that same "errant" individual.

Well, none of us "here" is in the slightest doubt about the above assertions. It would be more useful if I made them "outside".

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