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Jeff G.'s Guide to SpamCop Quick Reporting

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Jeff G.'s Guide to SpamCop Quick Reporting


1. A functional SpamCop Mail account (assumed to be LOGON[at]spamcop.net -

substitute with LOGON[at]cesmail.net if appropriate)

2. A PC or emulator running Microsoft Windows with a working mouse

3. An installed copy of Microsoft Outlook (configured for IMAP, not

Microsoft Exchange) or Outlook Express (hereinafter "OE"), containing an

email which is spam that you wish to report

4. Internet access


1. Print out these instructions so that you can refer to them while your

PC is otherwise occupied.

2. Configure OE to use your SpamCop account via IMAP, connecting to IMAP

Server imap.spamcop.net using your SpamCop LOGON[at]spamcop.net and PASSWORD.

See "Jeff G.'s Guide to accessing SpamCop email using OE and IMAP" at

http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=87 for more info on


3. Make sure that you use a View Layout that shows your Folder List and

your emails.

4. Make sure that you can see your "Held Mail" Folder in your Folder List.

You may have to hit the "+" next to "Inbox" in order to see it.

5. Find an email which is spam, has not been reported yet, and is no more

than three days old. If you can't see your "Held Mail" Folder in your

Folder List any more, use the scrollbar on your Folder List to view your

"Held Mail" Folder in your Folder List, but DO NOT CLICK ON YOUR "Held

Mail" FOLDER because then you will not be able to see your email which is


6. Position your mouse pointer over that email (anywhere on that line

should do). (Optional: use Shift+Click and/or Ctrl+Click to select more

than one spam.)

7. Hold down your left mouse button over that email (or one of multiple


8. Move your mouse pointer to your "Held Mail" Folder. Your "Held Mail"

Folder should be highlighted and your mouse pointer should have changed

from a "DO NOT ENTER" symbol to a normal mouse cursor symbol with a little

gray-bordered box below it and to its right. This action is called


9. Let go of your left mouse button. This action is called "dropping".

The mail should now move to your "Held Mail" Folder. (Optional substitute

for Steps 7-9: Right-Click on the email(s), select "Move to Folder...",

select your "Held Mail" Folder, and click "OK".)

10a. If you are using Webmail, open your "Held Mail" Folder. It should

show the spam you dropped in step 9 above. You may need to "Refresh" in

order to see the spam you dropped.

10b. If you are using a web browser to access your Very Easy Reporting

(VER) screen (also known as the "report held spam" screen or the "Held

Mail Log" screen, which is no longer being developed) via


heldlog> (or clicking on "Held Mail" at the top of almost any screen at

http://mailsc.spamcop.net), that screen should show the spam you dropped

in step 9 above. You may need to "Refresh" in order to see the spam you


11a. If you are using Webmail, check the boxes for all the spam in your

"Held Mail" Folder. If it is all spam, you can use the checkbox in the

top left corner of the matrix (under "Delete") or use its shortcut Alt+K

to check all. Please note that this Select All Keyboard Shortcut was only changed to Alt+K in the "Held Mail" mailbox/Folder - it is still Alt+N in all other mailboxes/Folders.

11b. If you are using the VER screen, select the appropriate Action from

the drop-down listbox "-- Select Action --". In this particular case, the

Action should include either "report" or "Queue for reporting".

12a. If you are using Webmail, click the "Report as spam" link or use its

shortcut Alt+E.

12b. If you are using the VER screen, check the boxes for the emails to

which you wish to apply that Action. If it is all spam, click "Check


13. If you are using the VER screen, click the "Release / Delete selected

messages" button to apply that Action.

14. Wait for the results on the next screen - if you get a timeout error,

go "Back" in your web browser, "Refresh", and make sure your Action was

applied. If it was not applied, go back to Step 11 above and try again.

15. Use the "Purge" capability of OE to clean up your non-SpamCop mailbox

(if necessary and appropriate).

16. Review the following recommendation by Miss Betsy:

If you do use Quick Reporting, be sure to look at the reports you get back just in case the parser hiccups so you can correct any errors.

I went for months without ever having a problem. Then two weeks before Quick Reporting started, the parser timed out and named my ISP. It never happened again, but if it happened once, it could happen again. Also sometimes ISP's change things that cause the parser to stop and you are unaware of it until you see your ISP checked (or if using Quick Reporting, reported).

I found reading the reports as tedious as reporting each spam so I would go with just reporting what you have time for (the newest first).

Revision History:

v1.02 by Jeff G., 2004/01/17 20:17 EST

v1.03 by Jeff G., 2004/01/19 02:24 EST shortened Guide names

v1.04 by Jeff G., 2004/01/21 12:00 EST adjusted for VER's impending doom

v1.05 by Jeff G., 2004/01/29 01:30 EST adjusted for web posting

v1.06 by Jeff G., 2004/02/04 00:40 EST adjusted for doom removal

v1.07 by Jeff G., 2004/02/25 14:19 EST Select All Keyboard Shortcut was changed from Alt+N to Alt+K.

v1.08 by Jeff G., 2004/02/27 16:41 EST Added Miss Betsy's recommendation.

v1.09 by Jeff G., 2005/05/13 09:28 EDT Expanded Select All Keyboard Shortcut Explanation and moved this Revision History to the end.

Edited by Jeff G.
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